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Red Mountain Weight Loss Reviews 2021

Red Mountain weight loss is a popular medical weight loss program. Get full reviews on RM3 recipes, diet plan, locations, cost and supplements.

What is Red Mountain Weight Loss Program?

Red Mountain weight loss (RM3) is a  popular weight loss scheme. It is actually a drug and diet centric medical weight loss program developed for people who are overweight. It is suitable for people who:

  • think they are overweight and
  • want to reduce their weight fast in a selective way
  • under medical professionals’ guidance

This service is also called RM3. It is a 3 step extensive service for overweight people to get thinner bodies in a quicker period of time.

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RM3 features a physician-recommended drug and diet plan. It is not a weight-loss service focusing on physical exercise. This is an eating routine arrangement for a few weeks. In these weeks, if anyone follows the diet chart and drugs, he/she can reduce his/her weight in a very easy way. Don’t worry about the drugs they provide. Those drugs are recommended by physicians who have licenses.

What is a medical weight loss program?

Guided medical treatment is vital to track and treat weight-related medical conditions. Furthermore, it’s helpful in improving the recipient’s health, weight, and well-being. Generally, bariatric doctors supervise such services. The bariatric doctor is a medical professional or doctor. They have specialities in the treatment of obesity and other weight-related conditions, such as high blood pressure and Type II diabetes. They have to complete the necessary training and course in a specific domain. A bariatric doctor can offer a compact, efficient and effective scheme to the recipients. This can maximize the recipient’s physical health and retreating weight-concerned diseases.

Why should you select a medical weight loss program?

  • Customizable weight loss program
  • Highly personalized scheme
  • Prescribes medicines that will suit you
  • You will receive drugs and diet based on your needs, lifestyle and health conditions
  • You will always be under the care of a bariatric doctor
  • It helps people who struggle with metabolism, menopause etc.
  • It is faster, easier, and safer than standard dieting

At Red Mountain Weight Loss, we do things in a very different way, unlike any other weight loss center. It’s the way we create a supportive and nurturing environment. The Red Mountain Way is the standard by which we measure ourselves and it’s the essence of our company as we aspire to deliver only the best customer service every single day

Dr. Suzanne Bentz, Medical Director and Founder

Will RM3 package suit me?

This service is an easy, safe and fast weight loss program. Moreover, it is a natural diet plan with some premium prescription medications. They also provide fat burner shots and control kit. So don’t worry if you think you are overweight. You’ll reduce your weight in a smart way with an RM3 package.

Some believe this process is suitable for females only. This is a total misconception. This is suitable for both male and female. Just give it a try!

What customers are saying

Making the decision to visit with the medical practitioners here was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my family. The staff were welcoming and made no judgements at all about my size or state of health

Brian S. who lost 128 lbs

After meeting with the knowledgeable medical staff we decided to start the RM3 program together. We immediately started seeing results. We stayed on the program for three months, went on RM Lifestyle for one month, went back on the diet for two more months and followed the lifestyle guide for the final three weeks.

Laura and James P. lost 150 lbs combined

Seven and half months later and 98 pounds lost, I am so happy with my progress and the RM3 program! The program is easy to follow, but you have to be committed

Irene S. who lost 98 lbs

Why should anyone try RM3?

We have much spoken about these services. But why should you try? Let’s try to find out!

 RM3Other Services
ChangesYou’ll notice within a few weeksIt takes time to see the real transformation
LifestyleIt’ll change your lifestyle fastMay not change your lifestyle
StructuredYesNot always
SupervisionMedically supervisedNot always
Side effectNoNeed to check
FlexibilityRelaxing and comfortableNot very flexible
ExerciseNot exercise focusedIntensive

What are the elements of RM3?

This medical weight loss project recommends natural food. They are very much opposed to consuming junk foods or packaged meals. They have their diet plans and other medications. Those will increase your metabolism power. Moreover, it enhances your energy and boosts the immune system.

Follow the diagram below to learn more about their 3 step approach.

Red Mountain Weight Loss Step By Step
Source: Internet

This service will also release you from physical labour. In other words, you will lead your life as before. You have to follow the prescribed meals and take the medications they provide. Then finally you can say goodbye to your overweight! So don’t get confused, take the right decision.

Red Mountain Weight Loss Way
Source: Internet

Their secret diet plan

RM3 products produce wonderful weight loss results for its recipients. At RM3, they developed a custom-made and proprietary premium prescription medications. This drug contains a unique ingredient established to speed up weight loss. RM3 bundled with a series of “Fat Burning Shots” and their popular “RM3 management Kit“. These assist recipients sustain their weight loss. The RM3 program is safe for everyone whether you are male or female. They rigorously tested those drugs before recommending to their participants. Generally, people lose up to twenty or extra pounds per month by following their advice. The actual amount of weight loss depends on the individual’s metabolism and diet. So results could vary from person to person.

Do people really lose weights using RM3?

There are a good number of stories of people who changed their lives by embracing RM3. You can listen more about their experiences and how they reached their goals. You can read some of the inspiring stories that will make you positive.

For example, Jeramy’s story. Jeramy is a well-known producer. He produced Tim and Willy show. He is a very busy person. So, he can’t do any workouts or physical exercise daily. He took the RM3 pack. Surprisingly he lost 13 lbs only in one week. He lost one and a half lbs in one day.

Where are their service locations?

If you are interested to take their services then here are the locations for you. You can find the nearest location and get RM3 services. All their service locations are within the Arizona state.

LocationAddressContact Number
ARCADIA4530 N. 32nd St., Ste. 102 Phoenix480-397-3040
AHWATUKEE4722 E. Ray Rd., Ste. 2 Phoenix480-991-3141
GLENDALE11851 N. 51st Ave., Bldg. A, Ste. 110 Glendale602-863-4046
AVONDALE10277 W. McDowell Rd., Ste. 104 Avondale623-748-2350
SCOTTSDALE8600 E. Shea Blvd., Ste. 110 Scottsdale480-991-4159
CHANDLER3355 W Chandler Blvd #07, Chandler480-347-3810
ARROWHEAD17570 N. 75th Ave., Ste. 650 Glendale602-863-7041
MESA1635 N. Greenfield Rd., Ste. 134 Mesa480-854-4872
GILBERT2765 S. Market St., Ste. 103 Gilbert480-717-3381
LA CHOLLA7448 N. La Cholla, Ste. 110 Tucson520-382-0588
SWAN2941 North Swan Rd., Suite 115 Tucson520-202-5888

How much is Red Mountain Weight Loss Program?

Generally, Such sophisticated weight loss programs come with heavy pricing. As they maintain quality products, professional experts and supportive team to help you. Are you interested to know more about the financial part of RM3? Feel free to let us know.

For whom RM3 is not recommended?

Every package has some merits and some demerits too. Let’s have an eye on the demerits of these services. Some of the users claimed that they faced heavy hair fall during the service. Moreover, RM3 sounds inappropriate if you’re in pregnancy.

We also discourage some peoples who already suffering from chronic diseases. here are some of those:

  1. Allergic
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Kidney Disease
  4. Asthma
  5. Migraines etc.

So if you have any of these, we suggest you consulting with RM3 before you try.

What can happen for those who are not fit enough?

During this scheme, you may feel unwell. Here are some points that you can experience:

  • A headache
  • Irritation
  • Can feel restless
  • Depression
  • Swelling in the feet
  • Blood clot etc.

All are impactful to anyone’s mental health. Moreover, if anyone takes this at pregnancy time, it can be dangerous. Many pregnancies can happen like twins or triplets.

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Some Final Thoughts

Finally, we want to recommend this service to people who are

  • Struggling with weights
  • Looking for a professional and guided approach
  • Wants a structured drug-diet scheme
  • Not looking for intensive exercise
  • Fast and impactful weight loss package
  • Concern about safe and relaxing steps

We have tried to give you the best information about the Red Mountain weight loss reviews. We hope it will help you a lot. You can share your feedback and queries in the comments box. If you have liked our hard work then please keep following us and do share the blog with your friends. Thanks! 🙂

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I have had the gastric sleeve surgery 2 years ago my weight was 303 lbs then after the gastric sleeve surgery I got down to 204 the it came to a stop for 4 mo ths then I have gone back up to 248 will this program benefit me and can I still do this program if I have had the gastric sleeve surgery? And do you guys take MERCY CARE AHCCCS ?

We would recommend you to consult with them first as this is medical weight loss program. If they advice they you can better think about that.

Hello, I’m interested in learning more about RM3. I’m 51 and workout regularly. I recently developed a bulging disk which has put me on the side line. That coupled with my hormones, I find myself at a complete loss. I have lost motivation and am frustrated, so of course, I “pig”’out. I’m looking for a jumpstart where I can see results and that will encourage me to get back on track.

This program is a medical weight loss program. So this is in a sense little bit intermediate program. Moreover, to retain the progress, one should require higher motivation and lifestyle changes. So if you are ready enough to maintain your commitment and motivation, we would recommend you to start discussing your case with them. Because at the end of the day it’s you who will force yourself to reach your desired goal against all odds.

Above under “what if your not fit enough”

It says blood clots? Does this mean RM3 causes blood clots

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