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Try Before You Buy Slimming Leaf Tea Detox

Slimming leaf tea is very popular as detoxing and weight loss. Read this article to get an unbiased review before give it a try.

Every month, we discover a great number of new food supplements and diets in the market. The latest trend in the game involves ‘Detoxifying’ body. One such product is ‘Teatox’ or Slim Leaf Tea. It is earning quite a lot of attention and stealing the show entirely. Cellular Research Institute (CRI) is the brand behind the product. The company is consistent to enhance it’s trustworthiness to a great extent. However, it’s time for us to break down the real worth of this Slimming Leaf Tea. And that’s what we’ve done throughout the entire post. Let’s check whether this product is really worth the hype or not.

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Slimming Leaf Tea At A Glance

Product Name
Slimming Leaf Tea(Day/Night)
Cellular Research Institute(US-based)
Slimming Day Tea, or Detox Night Tea
Loose Leaves or Teabag
Number of Teabags in Each Pack
Organic and ancient herbs
FDA Approval
Money Back Guarantee
60 Days

How it works

Slimming Leaf Detox Tea is a 28-day detox package which leverages into a set of health benefits. The morning formula helps you to induce weight loss process. And the Night Detox helps you to start detoxifying.

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For both of these formulas, CRI using many ancient herbs as ingredients. Those are able to boost the immunity and digestive process. So you can include that in your daily meal unless you’re prescribed to avoid Teatox. To see a visible improvement in your body metabolism you have to wait for couple of months.

The Ingredients

There are two formulas of Slimming Leaf Tea: The 28 Day Slimming Teatox, and the 28 Day Detox. We’ll list down the ingredient chart for both formulas below-

Slimming Day Teatox Ingredients
  • Wu Yi Oolong
  • Dandelion Root
  • Marshmallow Root
  • Puerh
  • Ginsend Root
  • Cinnamon(Flavor)
  • Fennel Seeds
Detox Night Tea Ingredients
  • Licorice
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon
  • Fenne
  • Dandelion Root
  • Coriander
  • Star Anis
  • Cardamom
  • Sage

Our Opinion


Both of the formulas rated as one of the most effective detox teas in the market. Those are made of all natural and organic elements. Those help deducing harmful bacteria, boost the immune system, and induce weight loss.

Ability to Increase Metabolism

Both for the formulas of Slimming Leaf Tea are a bit differ of ingredients. The morning slimming tea contains caffeine to a decent degree. Caffeine alone is quite likely to give your metabolism a boost.

Also, it contains Wuyi Oolong and Pu-erh- a couple of Chinese teas. Wuyi Oolong is proven to promote weight loss, and the other one can suppress the synthesis of fat cells.

Unlike the morning tea, the night Detox tea doesn’t contain any caffeine. And as that’s for obvious reasons. As you’re supposed to relax your body up and prepare for a good night sleep, caffeine should be a blockage on the road.

Ability to Clean Out Digestive Systems

Another solid impact it can induce is on the digestive system. We discovered that almost all the ingredients of this tea have digestive benefits.

Starting from Cinnamon to Fennel to Coriander – CRI put everything in the product. They put those keeping greatest digestion in mind. Regular consumption of this tea will definitely result improve digestion. Less gas formation, less bloating and regular bowel movements will be resolved.

The Brand Value

Unlike other commercial manufacturers, CRI have their own research and specialists. They are focused on cellular research. One fine result of the research is the Tea we’re talking about.

They’ve prepared the formula and the product itself in their own FDA-approved lab. For obvious reasons, they were careful enough to the safety standard as well. So, we can say that, if you’re a user of this tea, you’re in quite safe hands.

The Usability

Making yourself familiar with both of the teas is pretty much easy. By the name, you get to know which one to drink at which part of the day.

For best output, CRI recommends having one cup of tea before breakfast in the morning. And the Night Detox Tea is advanced to take right after the dinner.

CRI also implies that both formulas are free of unnecessary additives or flavors. To enjoy the taste at it’s fullest, you can leave the worries of any side effects away.

While making the cup of tea for you, add one tea bag into a cup of boiling water, and wait for 4-5 minutes. If you want to spice up the taste of the tea, you can add honey or a lemon slice if you want.

The Taste

Both of the Slimming teas differ in taste from one another. The morning slimming tea tastes quite like cinnamon, and vary blend in flavor.

And the Night Detox tea is quite like licorice-flavored, blended with a candy taste. As licorice is one of its sole ingredients, that quite explains the fact.

Customer Service

With a detox tea like this, the manufacturer should have a rock-solid customer service. The good news is, CRI had made sure that. One of their hallmarks is their 90-days satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with the impacts of this product, they’ll refund at your claim. And this offer is valid until 90 days since the date of purchase.

We’ve analyzed their reports and customer reviews. But they didn’t face too much hardship with the return policy.

Does It Have Any Side Effects?

Every commercial grade food supplement or detox drink comes with some side effects. Especially when you’re a first-time consumer. That works in case of Slimming Leaf Tea as well.

We went through CRI’s research claiming behind the Slimming Tea. And we’ve seen a number of anti-inflammatory ingredients. These eventually causes less inflammation in the gut. And that can be the reason for several health problems. The list of a health problem may include digestive disorder, mood disorder and so on.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Behind Its Effectiveness?

We would like you to analyze what science says about CRI’s method of creating this tea. According to CRI’s website, they went through rigorous scientific research behind any product. We’ve gone an extra mile and searched in PubMed. What we found eventually, are completely supportive of their findings and research.

Where to Buy Slimming Leaf Tea?

Both of the Slimming Detox Day Tea or Detox Night Tea is available online. You can go to the manufacturer’s website or pick it up from e-commerce websites such as Amazon.

They come in three different pricing packages-

28 Day Morning Weight Loss Tea
28 Day Evening Feel Good Detox Tea
Complete Program (2 Sets) Slimming + Detox Tea

Slimming Leaf Tea: Is It Safe?

YES. CRI select the ingredients with proper care and keep the originality in the formula. So we’ll give a thumbs up to it. Upon regular use, it will leave you with positive effects on your mood and body.

The possible side effects is almost negligible. Also, if you are into any kind of medication, we’ll suggest you to discuss with your doctor in first place.

The morning detox contains a decent amount of caffeine. So, if you have a caffeine sensitivity, we highly discourage you to go with the morning tea. However, the Night Detox contains no caffeine at all.

On another note, pregnant women or nursing women should not take this tea.

Bottom Line

Thanks for going through the Slimming Leaf Tea review. Apart from a few medically defined situations, any day-to-day person of any age range can go for it.

So why not have a try! Good luck!

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