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How to lose a pound a day like professional

Looking for how to lose a pound a day? Follow these easy steps that we’ve actually seen working for others.

Are you looking for the effective ways on how to lose a pound a day? Go through these easy steps that we’ve actually seen working for others.

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Story of Sam

A couple of years back, Sam was quite frustrated with his overweight. He gained 200+ lbs of weight at the age of 27. He started joining a fitness program and brought some food supplements. As a starting point, he planned to lose 1 lb of weight daily. But he didn’t know how to lose a pound a day. As a result, the whole story ended up in crap.

Why Sam failed on how to lose a pound a day?

Well, Sam wanted to lose weight so bad that he forced his body to

  • stay hungry
  • stressed up and
  • go down in energy level

And I know many guys like him are about to make the same mistake. In fact, if you search around the internet about it, you’ll see many fad diets or so-called ‘quick fixes’ will show up. But for a weight loss plan to work and keep it off, you need something more than that.

What should be the best strategy?

If you’re having a hard time finding the right set of advice, this post is solely written for you. We’ve identified and listed 8 of the most actionable and effective steps to lose weight. These are steps on how to lose a pound a day without any damage to your health.

Take a few minutes and go through the whole list. We believe these tips will change your life and fulfill your destiny.

Is ‘Losing 1 Pound A Day’ Safe?

Before heading right into the tips, let’s discuss a bit about the precautions of losing one pound a day.

First thing first, losing weight fast is a ‘hard nut to crack’. Losing speed at high speed is even harder. If you ask about the methods, we’d say that it differs from person to person.

Some would thrive on the challenge of intermittent fasting. Others prefer extreme workouts. Either way, you’ll tire of feeling exhausted, weak and unsatisfied.

What we think is, depending solely on either fasting or exercise, is the wrong approach. And you’ll soon tire of the process. Instead, we recommend slowing the pace and going through a routine of action.

Expert tips on how to lose a pound a day

Throughout the whole process, take guidance from a physicist or nutritionist if you can. That won’t let you go in a wrong way.

Step 1: Set Your Milestones

Like every process, losing weight has its own steps and levels. You shouldn’t repeat the same process every day. It’s like climbing a mountain. You have to gradually increase your efforts and set the milestones up.

You can start by doing some basic exercises. Bringing little changes into your daily diet plan can also work. You should increase the time and amount of exercise every day. Setting milestones of 10,000 steps of walking per day can be an option.

Then move for harder exercises and outdoor sports over time. Keep increasing the ratio of calorie burnt and calories are taken as well.

Step 2: Decrease Your Calorie Intake

Generally, we start exercising more and feel like we should eat more to keep the energy level up. This is the usual pitfall that many of us experience. That never lets us see the results, actually.

So we recommend adopting a diet plan containing foods of several energy densities. Foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains will work. These will help you to feel rejuvenated faster than other high energy-density foods.

In this way, you’ll get rid of hunger and the amount of overeating will also come to ground level.

To feel less likely to crave overeating, you should always stick to foods like proteins and healthy fats. Especially foods that contain a stable level of blood glucose level

Jenna Hope (Nutritionist)

Step 3: Increase The Calorie Output

You’ll not be losing weight until you start burning calories regularly. This is a universal truth. It’s not related to how healthy your food habit is. And the most recognized way to achieve that is to exercise a lot.

By exercise, we don’t recommend joining the gym and spend hours each day. You can go through the process of losing calories throughout the whole day. Whenever there is a scope to use some muscles instead of machines, grab the chance.

Step 4: Power-walk More Throughout The Day

Power-walking is almost the best form of all exercises to get in shape. Take yourself through 30-40 minutes of power walking for 4-5 days a week. Gradually, bring some variations on your walking speed and intensity. Transform it from a relaxed pace to a heart-pumping pace. This can enhance calorie burning up to 20% compared to a steady pace.

Here are a few ideas to get into the habit of walking regularly-

  • Try to walk between destinations instead of driving
  • When you’re stressed of workloads, take a short walk to swing the mode
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators or lifts
  • Try to have a short walk following meals

Step 5: Don’t Stick to A Single Food Group

The best way to reduce weight and maintain the weight loss is by simply eating a balanced and healthy diet, without refusing yourself particular foods… If you do cut out foods, you need to make sure your diet is still balanced and you are getting the nutrients your body needs from other sources

Isabel Butler, Spoon Guru

We recommend not sticking to one specific type of food to maintain a healthy diet plan. Rather, you should go for the balanced and mixed types of foods in your daily meal. As an example- you can try to keep a balance between complex carbs and simple carbs.

Foods like whole grains, beans, and vegetables are an example of complex carbs. Whereas sugar and starchy foods are an example of simple carbs.

What complex carbs do is- they break down in a slower process and release the energy in a slower manner. Whereas, simple carbs break down into glucose early and let you feel hungry again shortly.

So keeping a mix of both of these food types is the best policy to take.

Step 6: Focus More on Weight Training than Cardio

There remain two major types of physical exercise and workouts. Weight loss training and cardio training. Both of them are likely to burn calories. But if your sole mission is to learn how to lose a pound a day, you should go for weight loss exercises instead of cardio. Because weight loss training helps to build more muscles, and muscle burns fat.

Also, weight training is pretty much DIY and easy to do for yourself. In case you’re not ready to spend hundreds of bucks for it, weight loss training is the right fit for you.

Step 7: Drink Water, As Much As You Can

Drinking enough water is 101 for health maintenance. This will not directly help you to lose weight. But it can act as a good replacement of the sugary drinks and soft drinks. Moreover, taking enough water creates oxygen which helps us to burn calories.

More water consumption brings a range of health benefits. This can help you to feel more full by the time you get to meals, so you start eating less. To build up a habit, keep a reusable water bottle with you and restrict yourself for every other kind of drinks.

Some Recommendations Before You Start

All these plans that we’ve stated above, may sound clean and operational. But the way of adopting these may vary from person to person. There are a few facts that you should keep an eye on.

  • Discuss your complete plan with an experienced weight management trainer before you start
  • I know you’re desperate to reach the milestone of how to lose a pound a day or more per day. But let me tell you: weight loss is a gradual process. You should move slow and steady. As per research from Center of Disease Control, it’s best to start with losing 1-2 pounds per week.
  • Over time, you should increase your amount of workouts and also the strictness of your food chart. If you want to move way faster than what’s suggested, this loss of weight may not be sustainable.
  • Desperateness can also bring on physical issues. For example, dehydration, increased gallstones, headaches, interruption in menstrual cycles, fatigue etc.
  • If you’re already suffering from asthma, allergy or so, please pause the whole process
  • In all cases, keep your personal health consultant updated about your approach and steps.

Bottom Line

We are hopeful that, if you take yourself through the process and don’t rush, you’ll meet your goal soon. One last recommendation from our side is not to hustle for it. Stay steady and focused on the track, you’ll be in the shape that you’ve always wished for.

Stay fit, stay happy!

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